– Investor Services Contract
– Audit Contract
– Intervention in contracts and exits Negotiating with companies
– Ending labor and administrative crises
– Provide training on changes in labor law
– Human resources advisory
This section was created to offer a variety of services to companies and entrepreneurs, especially in the early stages and projects, especially in the foundation stages that focus on innovation, both by individuals and institutions (companies).
This section provides a wide range of services that can be summarized as follows:
• Preparation of legal files and regulations on the registration requirements of individuals, companies and institutions in the Commercial Register.
• Registration of companies and institutions in the Ministry of Economy and Protection of Intellectual Property through various departments.
• Registration of leases and insurance services for institutions and companies. • Providing services at various levels with the Ministry of Finance.
• Continuous communication with the Ministries of Industry and Agriculture to provide various services.
• Providing information for social security registration and information on approved business systems.
• Providing information on the conditions for establishing licenses for car rental companies from the Ministry of Tourism.
• Providing HR advisory solution.